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Disclaimer: I am so excited about my partnership with Lyss Loo. I was sent a few items from Lyss Loo in exchange for styling and review purposes, but all opinions are my own.

Good Morning,
Welcome to my new series on the blog Fashion Friday. Each Friday you will be able to log into my blog and see a new fashion post. Mondays will be for advice posts, and Wednesdays will be for whatever comes to mind. I am excited for this new Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule that I feel will be much easier to keep up with for me, but still provide all my favorite parts of blogging to y'all!

Yesterday I took a trip through Downtown Forrest City, Arkansas. This city is where I live when I am not at college for school. I have been absolutely obsessed with all the pretty murals around downtown for a while, but I have never really got up close and personal with them. It was definitely a bit strange because all the murals are near a really busy street (like the main street in Forrest City busy) so it was harder to get great pictures when it was so busy everywhere, but me and my dad still managed to get some great shots in front of four murals in Downtown.

A few days ago I was reading on Issuu (one of my new favorite websites/apps.) A lot of Arkansas magazines publish their magazines to Issuu and I love reading them to see what's happening in my state. A magazine called Arkansas Made from Arkansas Times was posted and it featured a ton of Arkansas made items and art. Under the Art section in the Delta the Forrest City Murals were listed so I decided while I was home for Labor Day weekend that I ought to take some pictures in front of all the beautiful art in Downtown and get my last Lyss Loo outfit filmed while I was at it.

I love the fall, because the fall means harvest season. I love this lovely piece of work in Downtown Forrest City because it is so adorable and reminds me of harvest season. Am I the only one who is dying for fall?

Let's say it together, AMERICA. In Downtown Forrest City there is a huge American flag mural that looks like a waving flag and it's just the most patriotic thing ever. So of course since I had so much navy on I couldn't pass up taking pictures in front of this mural.

I always think the above mural is very interesting and a smidge different. The artwork is very beautiful and I love how it looks like a picture framed on a wall. This piece has been up for so long but it is just so amazing. The art is seriously amazingly detailed here.

The last mural I am showcasing is actually the first mural I filmed in front of and the one I filmed in front of the longest. It was the one that was most tucked away in Downtown Forrest City so it was a great mural to shoot in front of to warm up to the other ones. I really love this mural because it is so bright and happy. I also really love it because of the 3D effects that are in the mural. I love that it uses a variety of mediums to create this amazing forest. It also does a great job of using the parts of the building and painting over them to make them a part of the mural. The other ones I showed are either on a plain brick wall or they are on a canvas and hung on the wall so this one really does use it's surrounding to make a great piece of art.

What I Am Wearing:
Hat: Love Me Some Bargains (old)
Shirt: Lyss Loo
Skirt: Cato (old)
Necklace: Purple Peridot

I am obsessed with this Lyss Loo Back Twist Long Sleeve Top In Royal. It's so perfect with highwasited skirts and jeans in the fall. You guys definitely want to go grab this top while you can, it will be absolutely perfect for fall.

What was your favorite mural? I definitely love them all and I can't really decide which one I love most.
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